28th April 2017

Under 12


Our primary aim in the U12 football is that the girls have fun.  The most important thing at this stage is that the girls enjoy coming to the football and want to come again.  
We run training every Thursday 7:30-8:30pm & play a match most Saturday mornings.  We play in Berks and Bucks U12 leagues – Division 1 for Lions and Division 3 for Bears and Tigers. Training sessions follow a rough structure that the girls get used to which includes :-
  • Warm up sessions
  • Coaching sessions : Skills
  • Coaching Sessions : Teamwork
  • Small sided game
  • Wrap up
Our training focuses on 3 core areas :-
  • Skills – passing, dribbling, tackling, restarts
  • Teamwork – how to play as a team
  • Thinking – focuses on the decisions that the girls will make in the course of a game
Our Key Principles for this Season are as follows :-
  1. Fun: The most important thing is that the girls enjoy coming to football and want to keep playing
  2. One club: We have girls with different levels of experience but treat the girls as one club.  We now run three teams, two of equal ability and one team aimed at a higher division.  Training is as one club with some separation of the squads to match ability.
  3. Squads: We will run three squads – Lions, Tigers & Bears – that will play against other U12 girls teams. The girls will play in the same squad (either Lions, Tigers or Bears).  We currently have 11 players in each so are on the look out for new players.
  4. Matches: We play matches on Saturday mornings between September and March. The matches will be 9 aside with 2 halves of 30 mins each. For each match we will take a squad of no more than 11 girls.
  5. Coaches: With the expansion to 3 squads we welcome two new coaches, Matt and Peter.  Paul & David will run the Lions, Peter & Aidan will run the Tigers and Jeremy and Matt the Bears.
Some Photos from last season below :


A great day out to flag wave The Royals onto the pitch

Christmas Training

Hot Chocolate Break

Coaches: ​Paul Kelly, Jeremy Morris, Aidan Simmons, David Beazley